Introducing Private Letters

Hey! 👋 We’re happy to see you here on the official blog. To kick things off, we’re excited to share our very first feature — one so tiny it can barely be called a feature at all (it doesn’t even have our name on it!). But it’s something new, and it’s available to all Pro users today: private replies to your newsletters.

If you have Email Subscriptions enabled on your blog, this new feature allows readers to reply directly to an email address of your choice. That way, when they receive your latest post, they can reply directly to you to have a conversation.

For anyone writing personal, intimate blogs, this should work perfectly — a blog just for your family or friends could include your personal email address, so replies go directly between you and your loved ones. Or if you’re going for wider reach, you might give your audience a professional, public email address, where you can then filter replies in your inbox.

To get started, simply navigate to your Blogs page on, and click Customize under the blog where you want to enable replies. Then, be sure to enable Email Subscriptions, and add the email address you’d like to use in the text box below it. Finally, save your changes!

Screenshot of the "Email subscriptions" option, which says underneath it: Allow replies to this address.

With that done, any future posts you send out will include this email address in the “Reply-To” field. That way, when a reader presses “Reply” in their email client, it’ll go to the address you’ve provided.

Pretty easy!

If you’re already subscribed to this blog, you’ll see this at work — reply to this email, and it’ll go straight to our inbox! Otherwise, you can let us know what you think in our forum announcement.

And if you haven’t subscribed yet, add your email below to get future updates on! See you again soon.