Before the full realization of a dream — one of a digital human space, free from ads, built upon an open and independent web — there was a barely-useful piece of software, riddled with bugs.

They called it

Today it’s officially open to all paid subscribers. You can log in with your account, and create your profile now.

getting started

Step 1. Create your profile Step 2. Enable comments on your blog — go to its Customize page Step 3. Find a conversation on Read — any you can discuss will say “Discuss…” under it

If you want people to comment on your posts, link directly to your profile:, or add a special “comment” shortcode to your posts to automatically get a “Discuss” link, like what you see at the end of this post.


You can finally comment on the posts of anyone that allows it. They’ll live on a dedicated page like mine: You can add an avatar, plus a distinct title and description that only live here on (i.e. they don’t impact your blog).

You can use Markdown in your bio! But emoji don’t work there yet 😞 I’m looking into it!

You can also use Markdown and rich embeds in your comments! Emoji work great there 😄 (Computers are fun.)

The Home page just gives you an overview of what this all is.

The Café shows you what conversations are happening now. Public posts will show up here once they receive a comment. Click on any post to see the discussion.

The Mail page shows which of your posts have received any comments. It won’t ping you or anything — check it when you’re ready.


This is all open only to paying users right now, to make sure we’re including dedicated community members, and hopefully keeping spammers and trolls at bay. That means, for now, you won’t be able to access it with a completely Free account, or a free Pro trial.


what now?

As you’ll see when you log in, this is a grand experiment. I have some general product plans, but otherwise the platform will grow entirely around you — even down to how it’s governed and moderated. Maybe the names of things change over time, or we vote on things, or have common spaces anyone can modify. Who knows! This is just the start. So please use it, share your thoughts about it right here on (Discuss...!), and help make it a warm, welcoming place where you want to hang out online.

See you soon!